GUFL teachers and students took part in voluntary activities of international Medical Treatments

Time: 2022-04-15

Recently, we received a special thank-you letter. This letter is sent by The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University to express their gratitude to the ASEAN language translation service team, which was formed by the teachers and students of GUFL. The hospital thanked them for their help in the International medical treatments. In these treatments, the team provided multilingual translations to diplomats, staff and their relatives of the Consulate General of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia in Nanning city.

GUFL teachers and students served as the interpreters

In mid-February, teachers and students of the school of South-East Asian Language& Cultures learned that The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University held the recruitment of volunteers for international medical treatments, so they signed up for this recruitment. Before taking up the post, teachers and students conscientiously studied the relevant medical background knowledge, participated in the foreign affairs reception training in advance and conducted on-the-spot exercises. After full preparation, each volunteer devoted himself to the translation service with positive enthusiasm, provided professional language translation services and on-site guidance for diplomats from ASEAN countries, and won the praise of foreign guests.

GUFL teachers and studetns participated in the foreign affairs reception training

Teachers and students of GUFL take the initiative to serve regional economic and social development. We provide multilingual translations for China-ASEAN Exposition, Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival, international conferences, etc. GUFL makes use of our own characteristics and advantages to actively makes contributions to the development of local economy.

Employees ID card

Thank-you Letter