24 solar terms: the Start of Winter

Time: 2022-11-07 Author: GUFL

On November 7 this year, as the sun reaches 225 degrees celestial longitude, we usher in the first solar term of winter: the Start of Winter. During this season, withered leaves swirl in the wind, and a biting chill creeps into the air. The long and cold winter starts. According to ancients, the Start of Winter marks the end of a year. It is the time for all living beings to relax, and save energy to prepare for the following year. The Start of Winter is a great time for autumn harvest and winter farming. We have seen blooming in the spring, vitality in summer, and harvests in the fall. Now we shall usher in winter. Let us enjoy life to the fullest during the humming of winter and look forward to a verdant and gorgeous sping in the following year.